A crazy visitor different place story

Ridi more time ago thinking to visit the different place of riverside but time passing he cannot get this opportunity today, at all although there has a problem his father thinks that he is a little boy visiting an unknown place facing so much difficult for his. Only father strong forbidden he does not finish his mind willing.

One rainy day he feel more romance in mind clouds moving in sky freely the green tree touch the soft rain the cool day bring him to Kamlapur train station and send Coxes Bazar this remote area gives more attractive that he do not get in the city life.
He says ‘unconsciously mind’ Oh! Fine environment I like so much” so much freedom!
“All time I with hide and sake playing game moving boat and fishermen. Life is fulfill here other has forget totally.”
Tomar name Nouka vasai bokeri majtay….. the song touch his mind what fine indication made greatest hart he walks on the beach and sand and stone exceptional love emotion has brought to evening but there no destination walk and walk more hours to see all the things beside the sea. The red sun move to sleep but the tourists do not care at all. They are devoted to their own work Ridi promot more about thought ‘no tension’ ‘I am real man to find me on the way’.

The sky is dark sunny light turns hawker lit lamps filling sounding much light. The green area has brought so dark in the evening Ridi saw some fishermen Polli (small village) where he listen some romantic songs but there has few light his discussion with mind to know about their life style.
“Here has any one! I am a guest! I have no one here please share with me.” Ridi says. A girl’s voice has brought out. “All are gone to market, you should wait here, come in, sit down on the small tool”.
Ridi said to her, “thank you very much.” I am Ridi, you.
Yea, I am “Rupa”.

Rupa is a really sweet girl. She reads in a college in the side of cox’s Bazer. Most of the time she does more work with her parents. Mainly she cuts fish with fillet knife and dry in the sun ray. There have many fillet knives in front of the corridor. ‘ Ridi follow them’ and look those with interestion. Their life style is really amousing. In the time Ridi feel a soft voice of Rupa. She is sweet and smart girl and her work with fish and knife is absulately musical. There has a DVD player where run Hemonty Mukharjee Bangla song. She does her work the harmony of the musical sound. In the same time she talks with Ridi.
It is fine situation Ridi feel in his mind, “if he does not come here, he will not know more things of the fisherman life, their activites, and anxious life in sea and families members’ condition.
Ridi talks to her very interesting and sometimes he flasts her some title matter with lovely sound. He feel some affectionate to her. Already he talks some words Rupa and the talented girl understand what the meaning of the words and smile with shame.
Also Rupa wants to know the purpose to come the village of fishermen from Ridi. And his friendly behave gies her more romantic feelings. “Ridi wants to know about the talking any problems to conversation going.”
No, no my parents are so friendly, little time they will come. Actually they will go there to buy some necessary thing and a fillet knife. My father needs a knife. He loses his knife yesterday.
Their talking is going and stay at mid night then her parents come and meet the smart boy Ridi. They are happy to get the toniest in their house. That night they talk many events of fishermen life and life style which makes Ridi a wise man from a boy. Originally he can feel their life lead statement.
In the same time he cannot keep secret his love to Rupa. He mixes fishermen line where he fined a simple life which does not wipe any more. He loves those people and him with great respect.
Actually those fishermen spend 15 to 30 days in deep sea to catch fish. Then there families are anxious about them. Some fishermen cut and dry fishes on the boat and sea side. Those areas are attractive for the tourists.
Mainly her father is a fisherman. He catches fish in the deep sea in the Bay of Bengal. Some fishermen go to catches the fishes to hair boat and net from the rich fisherman. Her father earns enough money but the more money spends to rent the boat and net. So, maximum fishermen remain poor year to year.